June 03, 2011

Beat the heat iced tea

(Warning: this recipe is so easy that when you get to it you will most likely roll your eyes, sigh "duh" under your breath, and wish you had been using your time to read this recipe instead.)
I am little embarrassed about my last post. But how was I to know that the temperature would jump from the 50's to the 80's in a matter of days? Consequently, in the typical Oregonian style, I am preparing for the heat. Heat is really the only extreme weather we prepare for as Oregonians. The majority of us seem to think an air conditioner that is used about one week out of the year is more necessary than an umbrella that could be used, oh say, about 300 days out of the year. Anyway, today was beautiful, but tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-eighties... my husband is already complaining.

So, in the interest of staying hydrated, here is a "recipe" for some really refreshing iced tea. I would suggest making it tonight, or in the early morning... I would hate for anyone to over-exert themselves in the ensuing heat wave.

Is this really a recipe? iced tea
2 tea bags black mango or peach tea
2" piece of fresh ginger, peeled
Put tea bags and ginger into a boiling-water-safe container (you can use tupperware, I use a mason jar). Bring one pint of water to a boil, add water to container and cover. Let sit a few hours before pouring over a large glass of ice. Enjoy.

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