April 26, 2015

weekly goals : 1

One major goal I have is to blog more often, which may mean posting whatever is on my mind. Like this post, for example, in which I post my weekly goals...

Here is what I would like to get done (on top of the usual housework/ kid stuff)

1. Get in the Word everyday. I need to find a way, whether it is in the morning by myself or on my phone in the middle of the playroom. It must happen.

2. Post a post I have been working on for about a week now.

3. Organize our master bedroom closet. For goodness sake, I need to just get this done.

4. Workout and/or run at least two times this week. It feels so good, and I have been pretty consistent lately, but the bad weather and three little ones at home (and nursing around the clock) makes this tricky. But it is my only time to myself. Well, aside from the ten minute shower I get after the workout.

5. Enjoy cooking simple meals. I love to cook, but I tend to attempt elaborate dinners, and then I just get stressed out with a bunch of hungry little people needing me while I'm in the kitchen. Instead, I need to remind myself that this is just a phase of life, and I can always make quesadillas for dinner.

6. Take pictures of the goslings! ..and post them. We have a huge pond (technically a reservoir) behind our house with all sorts of wild life, and Mr and Mrs Goose just had their babies! There are six fuzzy little yellow goslings, and I need to go get their pictures because, as we all know, babies don't stay babies forever.
Here are pictures of the goslings last year.

7. I almost forgot this one! Make a May meal plan (preferably before May begins).

And just to reward you for reading (or skimming) this boring post:

Baby boys in overalls... gah!

Happy beginning of a new week!

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April 14, 2015

the good, the bad, and the itchy

Well, folks, it's been awhile. Let me fill you in via pictures in no particular order (but some with captions) and a run-down of the last month and a half, but only the weekends, just to make it exciting.

This guy is sitting up like it ain't no thing. 

Weekend #6 (this past weekend)- Lane was gone all Saturday (James with him part of the day) at a board game day held at a friend's church. Sunday we watched our friends' boys for most of the day; so we had five children age four and under. Four of them boys.

Easter mantel. The "Risen" sign was water-colored by the kids. The bunny was painted by Lane's grandma thirty years ago.

Weekend #5- Easter weekend (He is risen. Indeed. Amen.) We drove down to Corvallis Friday afternoon and were there until late Sunday.

 The adorable carriage house that we stayed in while in Moscow.

 Lane and Judah admiring a waterfall that we visited on our drive home.

Weekend #4- Lane and I (and Judah) road-tripped to Moscow, Idaho for a marraige conferene. Random. But wonderful.

Weekend #3- Lane was gone all weekend after being gone for most of the week. Ugh.

Weekend #2- I was in urgent care. Diagnosis: shingles. On my scalp. What the what?

Weekend #1- Lane took Elle to urgent care. Diagnosis: pneumonia. Boo.

 Best picture I could get of all three in their Easter best.

So what I'm sayin' is, we've been busy with the good, the bad, the itchy, and everything in between.

Happy late Tuesday night friends!

March 20, 2015

happy friday

I entitle this picture: "Even cowboys have to go to timeout."

That's all.

Have a fabulous weekend, and try to stay out of trouble!


March 16, 2015

judah is five months + big stuff

 My baby boy is five months.

(Okay, he turned five months a week ago, and I took these photos in the middle of last week. Nevertheless...)

About two weeks ago, two teeth showed up in his little mouth. He took it like a champ.

He is also rolling from his back to his tummy and grabbing his adorable chubby feet.

In other breaking news, this blue-eyed, yogurt-faced, strange-hat-wearing gal is sleeping in a big girl bed...

... and this little tiny baby of mine who is well over fifty pounds is sleeping in big boy underwear:

I told you, big stuff.

I'll probably be announcing their college choices next post, they are apparently maturing so quickly.

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March 13, 2015

impromptu beach trip

Last Friday Lane came home and asked if we had any plans for the next day. When I said no, he shrugged, smiled, and asked "Impromptu family beach trip?"

Um, yes please!

So Saturday midday, we set off to Manzanita.

Although the wind was intense, it was a gorgeous day with clear blue skies.

After getting coffee, we went down to the beach and the boys ran around while Ellle and I dug in the sand.

See! I was there:

We realized that Judah's defense mechanism for dealing with the wind is just to fall asleeep. He did so (despite the 2.5 hour car ride) right after this picture was taken, and then again in the Ergo while we walked down the beach.

James frolicked, as usual...

Eleanor's favorite activity was grabbing fist-fulls of sand, and throwing it toward the water. Two-year-old's confuse me.

We ended the evening with dinner in Cannon beach. It was while waiting forty five minutes for our food (during which we played lots of eye-spy, made friends with our neighbors in the next booth, and colored... also, Elle spilled a glass of ice water into my lap, just to make sure I was alert) that we remembered why we don't eat out much. 

It was still a wonderful adventure.

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March 01, 2015

march 2015 meal plan

It's that time again. Time for me to get all-OCD and make a meal plan. For the month. For three meals a day. And a daily snack.

I'm sure it's totally normal... you do this, right?


Well, then, use mine!

As usual, if you have any questions about recipes, etc, ask away!

If you need me to send you the file so you can adjust the menu to fit your needs (or if you just can't read the tiny writing) email me at fromcuptocup@gmail.com

Happy Eating!

If you are into self-deprivation, here are all of Katie's Whole 30 recipes
Here is the archive of all our recipes on this blog.
Here is a tour of where the magic happens.
And here is the archive of all the monthly meal plans.

February 26, 2015

our house tour :: dining room + kitchen

You may be wondering the same question that James asked me while I was snapping these photos: "Mom, why are you taking a bunch of pictures of the kitchen?" I mean, who cares anyway?
My answer was this: "One day, you or your sister or brother may want to know what our house looked like when you were a kid, so I want to document it on my blog."
I won't be offended if you do the same as he did at this point, which was go back to playing Legos.

Otherwise, I'll give ya the tour...

The mirror above the dining room table was a ten dollar Goodwill find. The paint was black and chipping, so I sprayed it with some basic silver paint from the craft store. I love the way it turned out.
The "give thanks" sign was something I had a vision for, and explained that vision to my mother-in-law. Since she is much better at follow-through on these sorts of projects, she made it for me, which was so great of her. I love it. And it is a good reminder to have hanging up in our home.
All the black frames (which are pretty much always crooked, as you can see here) are full of rotating pictures I have taken of the kids or scenery from some place special.
On the table are some little candle holders, flowers in a Fiesta wear pitcher, the cloth napkins we registered for 7.5 years ago at Crate and Barrel, and the Jesus Storybook Bible, which I attempt to read to the kids at breakfast each morning.

Hey, look! There's me! And you are getting a sneak peak of the living room tour!

I forgot to take a picture of the chalkboard in the dining room, but you can see it out of focus behind Judah in the picture below. It usually contains the weeks' dinner menu, James' Awanas verse, and a list of things I will never get done, like "ironing.... organize closet... deep clean entire home...."

So, let's talk about these cabinets. They started out a hideous-80's- wood color with no hardware. Then my amazing husband sanded them all down, sprayed them white, and put cute hardware on them. I love how bright they are now.
Above some of James' watercolors are hanging from twine.

The "Rise and Shine" sign is something I grabbed at World Market to cover the unbearably ugly tile that is behind it. Behind is a picture of a lobster in the middle of a bunch of seafood. Really? Good thing a Jewish Kosher person didn't want our house...
The little floral spoon rest was a gift. It is officially the only thing I own from Anthropologie, but I still feel pretty hip using it. Ha.

Let's talk about the window sill for a minute, even though I didn't snap any good photos of it.
I love our kitchen window sill. Not because it is ugly wood, hard to clean, always dusty and full of clutter. It is because of what the clutter is made up of and the stories it tells. The clutter is in constant rotation, but currently includes: bottle parts (for Elle's babies, not mine), a wine cork, a photo of Lane and James that always makes me smile, a binky, essential oils, tee tree oil, bubbles, a Batman watch, rocks collected from who-knows-where, and a small rubber Pokey (as in, Gumby and Pokey the horse).

The "brew station" (below left) is not very cute, but very necessary for survival. It contains the coffee pot, aeropress and accessories, and jars of the miracle substance itself.
In the photo below right is a card I framed from my in-laws. I love what it says:
"Blessed are those who give without remembering and receive without forgetting"

Thanks for taking the tour! Up next will maybe be the living room or Elle's toddler room. 

Happy Thursday,