June 13, 2015

a time for application

Back when I first became a believer, I had a devotional time (reading the Word and writing in my prayer journal) every single morning. I loved beginning my day this way, and I really congratulated myself on making the sacrifice of waking up early to do it. At least, I thought it was sacrifice then. So naive.

Now that I have three little ones and have been in a state of sleep deprivation for about the last five years, morning devotional times don't always happen. Nor do afternoon devotional times. Nor evening. In fact, sometimes a week will go by while my Bible and journal sit on the ottoman in the living room and collect dust.

And I am okay with that. This season of having little kids does not always allow for a scheduled devotional time. But there are certain times when a little encouragement from the Word is all I want.

For example, let's just say (hypothetically speaking, of course) that it is just before nap time. An incident has occurred in which child #1 hit child #2, and child #2 reacted in a very poor way. Child #1 has been asked to go to their room, and so they are upset, and in need of discipline. I am trying to calm down child #2 who is crying over being hit (but also just needs to go down for a nap), and I also need to have a little talk with child #2 about how we react when others hurt us. Meanwhile, child #3 is getting a little fussy because they are in bad need of a diaper change and would like to be nursed. Add onto this scenario that I probably haven't had my lunch yet. The microwave won't stop beeping because my coffee from that morning that I was heating up has been ready for the past ten minutes. Also, the dog is whining at the back door, and I just need to pee.

(All hypothetical, of course.)

It is at these moments when I just want to hit a "pause" button and go sit on the couch, with a (preferably fresh) coffee in hand, and read my Bible. In these moments I tend to think to myself "If only I could just have a little inspiration from the Word, or just a minute by myself to pray, then I could really handle this situation with joy and patience."

Lately, however, the Lord has impressed something on my heart, and it is this:

this is the time for application.

I have read the Word daily for years, done the Bible studies, sat and meditated in prayer. Now it is time to apply what I have learned. Now it is time to pour out instead of just soak in. Now it is time to faithfully put into practice all that the Lord has taught me.

I have the knowledge. Now I need to apply it.

If you are in my boat- busy with little ones and unable to be fed through sitting and reading the Word every day- I hope this is both an encouragement and a bit of a challenge.

Be encouraged that He will never give you more than you can handle. He has prepared you for what you are doing right now, and for what this day holds, even if you feel totally blindsided by the difficulties that may come.
"...God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear." 1 Corinthians 10:13

Also, I challenge you to take what you know, to use that grace you have been given, and to pour out to your little ones in those challenging circumstances. Pour on them the love, forgiveness, patience, and kindness that has been given to you.

"Freely you have received, freely give." -Jesus (Matthew 10:8)

Thanks for reading!

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June 02, 2015

mother's day 2015 :: in da hood

Warning: these photos taken with our tiny orange camera that is literally being held together with tape and is used more often by the kids than the adults. But, it fits in the front pocket of the Ergo, so for outings that I just can't carry around my nice camera, this is it. Also, the lens is irreversibly cloudy.

This year we spent Mother's Day (remember that? from almost a month ago) in Hood River.


We drove there after church, got coffee, and headed to the awesome playground near the river, where we ran into our friends and their three kiddos.

First attempt at a family photo with all five of us = unsuccessful. 

It was extremely windy, but we played for a few hours, then went across the street to the amazing brewery/restaurant, pFriem, and ate every ounce of delicious food they brought to our table.

After dinner we played a bit longer, then headed home and passed out into bed.


Hood River is so enjoyable, and there is a chance we may get to stay there again (in our favorite vacation home ever) for my birthday/Father's Day. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works out!

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May 23, 2015

mornings with eleanor (and edwina)

Each morning is a little different around here.

All are early. Some are painfully early. Some start with coffee and Bible reading for a half hour before anyone else wakes up. Some start with nursing one baby in bed while another one is hollering at me from her room to come get her and, consequently, waking the third one up.

I favor the mornings that I am on the couch, reading my Bible, coffee in hand, and my sweet little girl wakes up in a happy mood and runs out to join me, flopping herself into my arms with her wild blond bedhead and her binky in her mouth.

I just adore getting time alone with her in the mornings.

I get her a snack (her first request) and then wrap her up in her fluffy pink robe. We sit on the couch (or at the table if the snack is messy) and read books.


One of our absolute favorite books is called "Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She was Extinct". It is silly, has opportunities to read in really funny voices, and talks about chocolate chip cookies... what more could a kid ask for? We still don't own it, but we borrow it from the library every chance we get. Once we even got a copy with the audio CD (hilarious) and listened to it on repeat for about a month every time we drove to preschool and back.

If you have kids, need a good laugh, or can read, do yourself a favor and go get this book. And then get yourself a snuggly toddler in a cozy robe to cuddle up with and read it in the early morning.

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May 06, 2015

goals, activities, and outfits

This post is going to be very all-encompassing. Let's begin with the goals I set for myself last week. Actually, let's just blow through them because they are kind of boring: 

1. daily Word- Check.
2. post- Check.
3. master closet- I'd rather not discuss that right now.
4. workout- Check.
5. simple meals- pretty much. 
6. gosling pictures- see above. (There are only two left. Don't want to discuss that either.)
7. meal plan- Done.

Okay, now that that is over, here are a few highlights from last week...

We met up with my cousin and her two boys at the Zoo on Wednesday:

I think these may be the first pictures I have of myself with all three children! (No matter that Judah is mostly hidden, at least he is present.)

The kids and I spent Friday with my mom in Multnomah (the adorable area of SW Portland where I grew up).
We played at Gabriel Park:

And look! More pictures of me with all my children (Judah passed out again. He can only take so much excitement.)

my hat is from the three dollar bin at Target, fyi

We had lunch in "downtown" Gresham on Saturday. James and Elle are both super into accessorizing lately, and that day it was western theme, apparently:

Church outfit (still working on dressing better consistently):

That's all the rambling for now.

Happy Wednesday friends,

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May 01, 2015

may 2015 meal plan

The kids all slept (very rare for this to happen, James hardly ever naps any more) at the same time today, so I washed a mountain of dishes, then decided to sneak pictures of all of them...

My sweet girl:

My huge guy:

Whoops! Woke this one up...

It's okay, just mom behind the camera!

 ... then he was happy.

So I took a break from dishes and printed out my meal plan and taped it on the fridge, which is when I realized...

... I didn't finish it. 

So, here is the unfinished meal plan for the month:

As always, if you want the word doc, or have any questions, you can leave them in the comments, or email me at fromcuptocup@gmail.com

Happy eating!

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