August 24, 2011

As a mother I have learned...

1. A mothers' work is truly never done.
2. Everyone on the road (except me, of course) drives like a maniac.
3. The Raffi Pandora station is actually not that bad.
4. Moms don't eat their food hot. Rarely, they eat it warm. Usually, they eat it cold.
5. To choose a diaper bag that goes with anything (sweat pants, evening gown, etc.) because you will go no where without it.
6. Out of sight and quiet is not a good combination:

7. ...but sometimes you just have to laugh and grab a camera.
8. Exercising is overrated.
9. Coffee is underrated. (I was kinda already on to that one.)
10. White is not a good clothing color choice for mother or child.
11. Parenthood is the most difficult and the most rewarding job you have ever had, will ever have, or could ever have. Hands down. If you don't agree, then you have never raised another human being.
12. Why sleep deprivation torture works.
13. Everyone- and I mean everyone- will give you advise on raising your child (whether or not they have done it themselves). Here is my advise:
14. Don't listen to everyone else's advise. You are the parent, raise your child how you know best.
15. The car floor will always be lined with Cheerios.
16. It takes 2 hours to really clean the house, and 10 minutes to really trash it.
17. I will never regret all the times I let dirty dishes sit in the sink, clean clothes sit in laundry baskets, and dirt sit on the floor while I held my baby.
18. Belly buttons are the most amusing body part.

19. Nap time is never long enough.
20. There is no greater sound than your child's laughter.
21. You can pick up an amazing amount of objects with just your toes.
22. Your life will be easier if you live near a library and within walking distance to a park.
23. Cloth diapers are not that difficult, but if you use them people mistake you for a super-mom.
24. I am closer to understanding the amazing gift of God's sacrificial and unconditional love for His children.


  1. You're so wise :) You're doing a fabulous job raising sweet little James! you ARE a super-mom! ;)

  2. This is incredible... I agree with all of them... especially the picking up things with the toes :-) and that is the hardest but most rewarding job of all time... I would have to say that my heart literally hurts because I love Luke so much... but it is the hardest thing ever!