April 04, 2019

the toothless wonder

Oh, hey there!

Right about now I should be sweeping/scrubbing/wiping/folding/sorting/prepping/ etc, but here I am blogging (equally as important, right?) because the baby (almost two but still a baby and pretty please don't try to tell me otherwise) is napping, the other three are all playing Minecraft (which, side note, plays bizarrely serene music), I am sipping some iced coffee despite the gray outside, and THIS girl lost her two front teeth*:

She is seriously rockin' the Toothless Wonder look, which is what we are all calling her after Junie B. Jones, one of our favorite book characters.

In other news, our week so far has looked like this: co-op and baseball Monday, gymnastics and karate Tuesday, OMSI yesterday, karate and baseball today (Thursday)- all while slipping school work, neighbor play dates, and chores in when we can!* Needless to say, you can see why I am drinking a big ol' mason jar of coffee right now.

Well, that's all for now since mopping is long overdue and I keep stepping on honey drips from Nat grabbing a pb and h off the counter and munching on it while walking all around the house this morning.
Have a great Thursday friends!

*my apologies if you have an aversion to run-on sentences!

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