August 30, 2018

friends camping 2018

We took our final family hurrah of the summer last weekend: the annual "friends camping trip" at Champoeg State Park.

There was something like eight families and more than twenty kids in our group. It was wildness and wonderful.
Also, no one slept.

Eleanor had a panic moment the week before camping when she realized all her friends would be biking like crazy and she still had training wheels!
So, we took them off and she conquered the two-wheeler a couple days before we left.

(I should also mention that we have since upgraded Elle to a larger bike.)

I love the memories we make with our friends each year, and we stay plenty busy with all those kids, but Champoeg park is not the most exciting camp spot. However, they put a neat park in a couple years ago, and our kids really enjoy climbing, sliding, and playing in the sand area (I can't... escape.... the sand..... Seriously, though, I feel like there is sand everywhere we go. Why can it not just be contained to the beach, it's natural habitat?)

I have really simplified meals over our years of camping. 
I used to be the (insane) mom who pre-made every single meal, and even baked my own graham crackers.
Well, no longer, my friends.

This year, our beloved Kodiak cakes or cereal and fruit was breakfast, sandwiches or hot dogs for lunch, and taco bowls, burgers, or chili for dinner. 

After everyone packed up we all made the usual stop at the Butteville Store for ice cream.

In other news, we are getting all geared up for our "soft start" of home school. September is getting crazy so we won't be officially starting until the third week or so... I know that a schedule and routine will be good for us, but summer is my favorite!

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