May 06, 2015

goals, activities, and outfits

This post is going to be very all-encompassing. Let's begin with the goals I set for myself last week. Actually, let's just blow through them because they are kind of boring: 

1. daily Word- Check.
2. post- Check.
3. master closet- I'd rather not discuss that right now.
4. workout- Check.
5. simple meals- pretty much. 
6. gosling pictures- see above. (There are only two left. Don't want to discuss that either.)
7. meal plan- Done.

Okay, now that that is over, here are a few highlights from last week...

We met up with my cousin and her two boys at the Zoo on Wednesday:

I think these may be the first pictures I have of myself with all three children! (No matter that Judah is mostly hidden, at least he is present.)

The kids and I spent Friday with my mom in Multnomah (the adorable area of SW Portland where I grew up).
We played at Gabriel Park:

And look! More pictures of me with all my children (Judah passed out again. He can only take so much excitement.)

my hat is from the three dollar bin at Target, fyi

We had lunch in "downtown" Gresham on Saturday. James and Elle are both super into accessorizing lately, and that day it was western theme, apparently:

Church outfit (still working on dressing better consistently):

That's all the rambling for now.

Happy Wednesday friends,

PS one year ago: we still eat this at least twice a week!


  1. Super cute outfit you are wearing with the kids in the tree photo!