May 01, 2015

may 2015 meal plan

The kids all slept (very rare for this to happen, James hardly ever naps any more) at the same time today, so I washed a mountain of dishes, then decided to sneak pictures of all of them...

My sweet girl:

My huge guy:

Whoops! Woke this one up...

It's okay, just mom behind the camera!

 ... then he was happy.

So I took a break from dishes and printed out my meal plan and taped it on the fridge, which is when I realized...

... I didn't finish it. 

So, here is the unfinished meal plan for the month:

As always, if you want the word doc, or have any questions, you can leave them in the comments, or email me at

Happy eating!

PS one year ago was, well, last May's meal plan

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