November 15, 2014

lately: icey outside, cozy inside

Brotherly snuggles:

 I love how sweet James is with Judah. He is always wanting to hold him, giving him kisses, and talking to him in a funny baby voice. A bit different from the last time we brought a baby sibling home to him.


These two. They are always making forts or hiding in big piles of pillows and blankets they have collected from every room of the house. It is so fun to see them become buddies.

Construction James:

As we headed down to the basement the other morning, I told James he had to help pick up all the toys before we started playing. For some reason, he began meticulously organizing his work bench. It looked so nice and well organized that he didn't want anyone to play with it for the remainder of the day.

Story time:

James in long underwear. Eleanor picking her nose. But still so sweet. And might I add that this allowed me to get the dishes done before the kids were in bed. Miracles do happen.

Serving Tiggy:

Play food is one our rotational toys, so when I got it down the kids immediately set up a bakery/fruit stand/restaurant. Tiggy, Pooh, and Bear were just a few of the customers. Also, Elle served me coffee all day long.


We had a minor ice storm at the end of the week. James didn't go to his Thursday morning preschool and Lane worked from home Friday. It was so cold in the morning that I barely opened our back door just to snap this picture, then didn't venture out again until the "big kids" and I went for a walk in the afternoon. We slid all over the sidewalk and threw chunks of ice onto the street. We also visited the ducks who were sure we had brought them lunch. "No bread!" Elle hollered at them, "Jus' ice, duckies!"

I am so thankful for our warm cozy home on cold days. I am even more thankful for the people who live in this home.

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