November 26, 2014

lately: thanksgiving eve + just a tad christmas

It has been another fun, busy week hanging out with this peanut butter and jelly face girl and these sweet, smiley boys:

Since it is Thanksgiving Eve, I decided I should capture my fall mantel before it is not seen again for twelve months:

The vase at the far left in the photo above was made by Lane's brother, Ross, and is filled with sticks from my favorite tree in our yard- an aspen right off our back deck.
We always have family photos up, of course, and I added an extra one of the newest member of our family! The small stack of books (C.S. Lewis and Thoreau) and the old camera are mantel staples as well.
The adorable turkey candle holder was just given to me by Lane's mom. My favorite part are the dangling turkey legs- so awesome.

Behind everything is one of those cinnamon-scented stick brooms from Trader Joe's. It smells amazing. I also decorated with pumpkins and some wheat- how harvesty.


The little elephant is from Lane's trip to India when he participated in YWAM in college.
My favorite thing about our mantel is that my kids add things that they find very important and needing to be displayed. Case in point: the ceramic triangle that James painted and the random piece of wood with barnacles that he found at the beach. It makes me so happy that he sees our home decor as something to which he can contribute.

We did cheat, however, and started to decorate for Christmas just a tad in the basement. First, Elle's new doll house got some lights:

Then we built Zoo Lights out of Legos and train track. Unlike the Portland Zoo Lights, James decided ours needed a boat and a gas station.

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

PS: a Thanksgiving kid craft and, in case you don't get enough pumpkin tomorrow, pumpkin muffins and a pumpkin latte

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