May 21, 2014

summer time fill-in-the-blank

I feel like I have taken an unintentional and unwanted early summer break from blogging.*

The truth is, each day a million things pop into my mind to blog about, then I sit down in the evening, begin a post, and my mind goes blank. I blame the baby.

I hope to post about maternity style (or the little I have, anyway), but I feel like I need to be just a tad larger and for that post.
I have jotted down recipe ideas I would like to attempt, but I have been too tired, and just resort  to the old stand-by's.
Crafts and kid projects have been planned and, even if carried out to completion, there is little or no documentation before I forget all about them.
I am in the very slooow process of re-decorating the living room/dining room area, but I want a finished project before presenting it in whole. (Don't get excited about the beloved before-and-after photos, as I forgot to take any "before".)

All this to say, I can guarantee you a post next week about an awesome and local vacation we will be taking.
You see, a dear friend of mine decided to buy a house, flip it, and rent it out for vacationers. We leave Friday and will be there all weekend. I am getting so excited, and I can't wait to share with you all about it.

Until then, let's do a fill-in-the-blank! Summa-themed, in honor of all the sunshine we have had lately:

Favorite summertime activities:

Your summer drink:

Music that reminds you of summer:

Favorite local(ish) summer vacation spot:

Best place in your 'hood to eat outdoors:

Summer uniform:

Tastes that remind you of summer:

Best way to cool down:

Here are my answers to get us started:

Favorite summertime activities: hiking, exploring parks, tubing, picnicking, backpacking. biking.... basking in the sunshine 

Your summer drink: this summer, cold brew coffee, arnold palmers, fruit smoothies

Music that reminds you of summer: Tom Petty, BOY, Caedman's Call, Leagues, and (no shame) JT

Favorite local(ish) summer vacation spot: Lake Merlin, Jefferson wilderness, Hood River, Sunriver

Best place in your 'hood to eat outdoors: McMenamins' Edgefield

Summer uniform: usually, shorts and Threads 4 Thought t-shirts; this summer, skirts, dresses, and leggings

Tastes that remind you of summer: basil, berries, and corn on the cob 

Best way to cool down: popsicles and sprinklers

Please share your answers in the comments, I look forward to hearing what summer is for you!


*note- I won't actually be taking a summer blogging break

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