May 06, 2014

18 weeks

I am currently eighteen weeks along (kindly ignore that I may appear more like thirty weeks). The baby is the size of a bell pepper, according to my sources.

I am feeling great emotionally and physically despite the constant sensation that I may fall asleep at any minute, even standing upright.

A friend said to me today "I can't believe you are almost half way through!" But, the truth that we mamas know is that the third trimester is the longest. I am almost half way, but I must remind myself that I still have five whole months before I get to meet this little gift!

PS We find out next Monday what it is! (I sure hope it's a baby... ha)



  1. I remember a friend telling me, "After your first pregnancy, the moment you find out you are pregnant again you are maternity clothes." The body changes fast and you always feel bigger than the first time. I took weekly pictures of myself with each pregnancy so when I compared pictures of me pregnant with Aberly or Emalyn at the same week, I'm actually not that different. You just feel that way, and faster! Excited to hear the gender announcement!

  2. Can't wait to hear what you're having! :)