May 14, 2014

and it's a...

On Monday we had the anatomy ultrasound (the doctor called later in the day to report that everything looked healthy and normal) and we found out the gender...

Let me preface this announcement by saying that I knew all along it was a girl.

The pregnancy felt just like it had with Eleanor, except I was even more sick and even more emotional. 
We talked about girl names, planned on Elle and the baby sharing a room, and called the baby a "she". James referred to it as his "baby sister" and gave us name suggestions such as: Natalie Snow White Light Lockhart.

Then, we found out.

We are having another boy!

I seriously can't believe it, but it was very obvious during the ultrasound. We are thrilled, of course. Boys are so much fun.

Now, to decide on a name. Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

PS explanation of the photos: 
Photo #1: James at Mother's Day brunch dressed in the outfit he insisted on wearing "My t-shirt with the tie on it, cool jeans, fedora, crocks, and sunnies!" I insisted he wear a polo shirt over the t-shirt.
Photo #2: The hanging basket I won at Mother's Day brunch for- get this- being the youngest mother there! There was one other pregnant 27-year-old, but she didn't have two other children.


  1. How about Henry Princely Charming Lockhart. I think it goes well with Natalie Snow White Light Lockhart ;) CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSS! Wahooo!

    1. Love that name suggestion... I'll run it past James :-)... Thanks friend!

  2. I would give you a suggestion except it's the one we will use if EVER (by God's will only) we become pregnant again and have a boy.

    1. Do it! You would have such an adorable little guy!

  3. Congratulations!! Kathleen Burns (Dede's mama)