April 07, 2014

ordinary joys lately :: ashley

It's almost eleven pm on Sunday night, and I can't sleep. I'm not sure if it was the marvelous hour-and-a-half nap I took today, or perhaps the late afternoon cup of Earl Grey, or maybe the excitement of another appointment tomorrow where I get to hear this baby's heartbeat that is causing this lack of sleep. At any rate, I am using this moment of insomnia to catch you up to date on some things I have been grateful for lately...

First off, in the "extraordinary joys" category- I haven't been sharing much about this, but I have been struggling with some serious pregnancy depression. I have been emotional before, with hormones up and down, but never dealt with anything like this. Without going into extreme detail, I will just say that I felt like I was in a dark, stormy spiral, heading downward. Now for the joyful part: the Lord has reached down and pulled me out. I finally feel like I am returning to my normal, joyful, self. And it is glorious. There is no other explanation than to say: I cried out to the Lord and He saved me. Amen.

Now I feel that I can again experience the ordinary joys in life, here are a few:

1. The view from my kitchen window that allowed me to put away a ginormous amount of groceries from Costco in peace:

2. This verse saw me through the past few weeks, but, Hallelujah, it was finally time to change it (sadly, the chalk marker I used on this little board wouldn't wash off. Oh well, one chalk board down) :

3. A quiet time one morning after Eleanor woke up at six, and then actually fell back asleep for about twenty whole minutes. Nothing short of a miracle:

4. Amy's burritos, that were on super-sale and save me from lunches of PB and J crusts:

5. Morning Thunder black tea, because I still can't get myself to drink coffee, but this stuff is so delicious with a splash of soy milk and gives me a little morning boost:

6. A key fob! (queue angels singing)... I have never owned a car newer than a '96, so I have never had one of these magnificent devices. But a couple months ago we broke down and bought a mini-van (just at the right time, we realized about two weeks later) and it has this wonderful little remote that I am completely obsessed with:

Well, I am going to attempt to get some sleep now.

What has brought you joy lately? What little things bless you?

I would love to hear!


  1. Love this. I've been noticing some ordinary joys myself lately, including: a near complete bathroom in our house (no more port-a-potty!), more and more sun breaks as we enter spring, the absolutely gorgeous flowering trees in bloom, and quiet mornings spent with my guy and some coffee. Love you friend, and glad to hear that some pregnancy not-so-great emotions are now passing for you.

    1. Oh, such good things! ...Isn't it amazing the things we didn't know we were grateful for until they are gone? I don't know what I would do with out indoor plumbing!... Love you too, friend, thank you for the sweet words :-)

  2. 1. My almost one year old FINALLY fully sleeping through the night. Not sure why, she just started on her own. PRAYING it stays this way. 2. Having a nanny who can watch my girls while I fight a cold in my bedroom.

    Keeping you in my thoughts! I've struggled with depression in the past and I know how terrible it feels. It's like you are in there but a wall in your brain is keeping you from being yourself. The filter that normally keeps anxiety at bay disappears, so you are overwhelmed by everything. I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. Message me anytime if you need someone to talk to regarding the depression if it returns.

    1. Hooray for a sleeping baby! I will pray that it continues, and that you feel better.... The way you describe what you felt is exactly what I went through. Thank you for your encouragement, I think the scariest feeling is that you are going through it alone, so I appreciate you being available :-)

  3. Glad you are feeling better friend! God is good:)
    So excited you finally got a new car!
    And I have that same verse posted at my desk at work, such a good reminder!
    Love you friend, let's hang out soon!

    1. Yes!!! I miss you so much! and James has been asking about Charlie :-)