April 17, 2014

four quick and easy spring kid crafts

Since I have been feeling more myself, I have been able to plan crafts for James to do and we have been loving it! I forgot (after a whole two months) how fun it is to make up and/or look up activities for James, and then to encourage and assist him through them. It may sound corny, but it is definitely bonding time for us. 

Here are a few simple spring time/ Easter crafts we have done:

1. Bunny face- I cut out all the parts he would need, and then helped him glue them together. He also cut the twine into short pieces and glued those on as the whiskers:

He took some artistic liberties and added a ba-zillion egg stickers as well. I still like how it turned out, because he made it, of course:

2. Cotton ball lamb- James actually made this last year, but I had to include it because I think it is so darn cute. I cut out all the pieces and he taped or glued them together and glued a bunch of cotton balls all over the lamb body. So simple, but adorable:

3. The classic egg-carton caterpillar- obviously, this is not an original, but I had to include it anyway. James painted the egg carton, stuck in some antennas (he didn't think it was necessary to trim them) and glued on the eyes:

Just a dude and his caterpillar (who he named Herman, I believe) :

4. "Stained glass" cross- This is not an original either, but I don't think we crafted it the traditional way. Apparently, it requires contact paper, which we don't have. Instead, I had James modge podge cut out shapes of colored tissue paper onto a piece of white tissue paper. Then, we glued a black paper with a cross cut out of it over the tissue:

Happy crafting and happy Easter!

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