May 15, 2012

a picnic a week: sammies in the park

Happily, Mother's Day was very low-key this year.

My mom and I packed up the kitchen all morning, and we ordered Thai take-out for lunch. 

After she left, James and I took a long nap, then we made a family Costco trip. (side note: I purchased my Mother's Day gift at Costco; The Incredibles DVD. There is a coupon right now, so hurry!)

Lane suggested we grab some sandwiches after shopping, then head to the park to eat them. (oh, how he will love me if he sees this post and this picture of him)

The sandwiches were certainly nothing to write home about, but, as we were ordering, the man at the counter said something like "Would you like to add any drinks, chips, or a giant pickle to your order?" My response was "What about a giant pickle?! Yes!" It was so delicious, but so giant that I had to share. 

Altogether a pretty anti-climactic park trip.
I also photographed a few of James many "owies" from the weekend. It was a rough one.

I used my little pocket-sized camera to take these pictures, and my computer doesn't seem to want to turn this picture right-side-up, but I had to include it because it was so cute that James pointed out his owies.

To end a fairly boring post, I must give a huge thank-you to everyone who read and commented on our announcement. That was by far the most exciting part of my Mother's Day.

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