December 04, 2011

Twenty one days 'til Christmas

At gym play group on Tuesday, James and I were minding our own business playing with some blocks when a little boy with a runny nose toddled up to us and started playing with the blocks also. A minute later, his mother bolted across the room toward us and, completely catching the poor kid off guard,  attacked his face with a Kleenex. She began to apologize profusely to me: "He just started having a little runny nose this morning... I think he is just starting to come down with a little something... it doesn't seem to bother him...." She looked a little frantic and scared, as if I was about to begin throwing punches because her son had a cold.

"Hey" I smiled, "if we never left the house because they had a runny nose, we would never leave the house." She breathed a sigh of relieve and we laughed it off. 

Thursday afternoon, James' nose started running. He began coughing during his nap, and getting fussy long before bedtime.

This morning, I woke up with the same thing, full force. Runny nose, sore throat, headache, exhaustion...

Between feeling sick and being crazy-busy (I wonder if those two things are related? Hmmm...) I haven't cooked anything blog-worthy. Just simple soups that seem to be all I want to eat when I don't feel well.

So, instead of a recipe, I will leave you with a few holiday pictures I have been taking around our home, from glowing candles, to stacks of Christmas stories, to little munchkins standing dangerously close to the mistletoe... Reindeer feetsies...

...after all, there are only twenty one days 'til Christmas.

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