September 24, 2011

Pacific City Vacation

Last weekend Lane and I went on a get-away with two of our closest friends. 
This was no ordinary get-away. This was a Baby Free Vacation. And it was perfect. 
It was amazing weather, and the back door of our condo led right onto the beach.

We ran up (okay, crawled up) a huge sand dune that had an awesome view from the top. (The dune is on the right in the picture below.)

Then we rode cruisers out on the beach and around town. 

Later, we made up for the lost calories with delicious Pelican Brewery beer and BJ's famous tacos.

We missed James terribly, but the relaxation was much needed and long overdue. We stayed up late playing board games and eating fudge, slept eight hours each night, and laughed a lot. Despite having a perfectly restful weekend, I still pathetically burst into tears when we arrived home and our baby boy (who suddenly didn't seem like such a baby anymore) came running up to us with his goofy ear-to-ear grin. That is truly the best sight in the world. 

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