September 15, 2011

Chattin' on the phone and an embarrassing mom story...

It's amazing all the ways James is beginning to copy what the "big people" do. I really don't think I talk on the phone that much, but he can still imitate what I do almost perfectly. Except that he tends to hold the phone at the back of his head while he talks.

He also texts.

I bought him his own phone which, in my opinion, is much cooler than mine because it is bright red with green buttons and make animal noises.

For a while he was using my old Blackberry. However, it somehow ended up taking a dip in the toilet.
(photo unavailable)

Okay, so here is my super-embarrassing mom story for the day. The only reason I am glad it happened is the entertainment value for you, dear reader....
    Yesterday James and I made our daily trip to the park a little late because he slept in until 7 (praise the good Lord). I was wearing no make-up, my hair in a messy side-tail, a sweatshirt, and running capris. I don't mean like trendy Nike running capris, I mean like the ones that were originally sweat pants from Costco, but I cut them off because they were too short. My point is, I was not looking cute.
And, of course, in the usually vacant play ground there were three small kids playing and adorable young mom chasing them around. She was wearing a sweater, jeans, and- I kid not- leopard print ballet flats. I wanted to be her friend. We chatted, exchanged names, and did the awkward "So, you come to this park often?" It turns out, they also visit the park daily, just a little later than we typically do.
    Today James slept until almost 7 again (miracles do still occur). Naturally, to impress my new park friend, I put on make-up, real clothes, and cute strappy flats for our walk. I dressed James in long-overalls. Okay, I actually stuffed him into them like sausage into it's casing, they are 18 month and he is in 24 month clothes now. "Oh well" I thought "at least we both look cute."
As we did our lap with Sadie, I began to notice a stinging on my heels. "Should I change into my usual Crocs that make me look like Ronald McDonald?" I wondered "Of course not, I must look cute for the other mom."
So, we dropped off Sadie and made our way to the park. By the time we got there, my aching heels had blisters the size of quarters on them. No one was around to appreciate my decent appearance.
As we were playing, every time James bent down to pick up bark chips or a pebble I would hear a "POP!" The sound of the buttons on his overalls slowly unbuttoning, one by one. When we finally packed up to leave he looked as though he was wearing an ankle-length jean skirt. My feet were in such agony that I decided to walk without my shoes on.
So there we were- my son in full-length jean skirt overalls and me barefoot...
And guess who we bumped into as they were on their way to the park?
So much for impressing them with our appearance! I suppose I learned my lesson...

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