August 19, 2018

lately :: it's been a year


It's been over a year. HOW is that possible? I have never gone an entire year without blogging since I started WAY back in 2011 as a food blog.
It's not that there haven't been things to blog about. In fact, I think that my head has been spinning too quickly with thoughts and my hands have been too busy with the craziness of life with four littles that I just have never found the time.

Here is my present situation: I am sitting in my very messy house with my favorite quilt spread on my lap, a cup of coffee next to me, instrumental old lady jazz playing in the background (don't judge, I blame my dad for playing it my entire childhood), and I. am. going. to. blog!
(There have already been interruptions of people needing to explain to me in great detail what the slinky just did on the stairs, or beg to look up Lego-boat-making instructions on my laptop. But, the baby is asleep and no one is currently hungry, so that gives me like five minutes.)
Here goes:

Some things (that could all be entire posts of their own) :

1. My back is healing!! We had two scares that it would require surgery. In fact, I went in for surgery last October, and I left the hospital withOUT getting surgery. It was surreal, y'all, and something that I could probably write a book about. The bottom line is: God is healing me. He is good. He taught me a lot through the pain, and I know He had (and has) a plan for it all. I am still in recovery and I am still trying to sort out everything I learned from that horrendous experience, but I probably will never fully understand it this side of heaven.

2. I will be homeschooling next year! Elle is starting kindergarten and James will be in second grade. We loved the public school that James has been attending for the last two years, but this is what is best for our family now.

3. We finally got a trampoline. 'Nuff said.

4. I didn't blog much after we moved to our new house, but once I could stand up straight and move around we finally have been painting, decorating ( I have got to stay away from Marshalls), and hanging things (we still have more to hang, and I STILL do not have one printed picture of Nat. I mean, she's only 16 months, please don't rush me...)
Also, we LOVE our neighborhood. We have two big families (like, even bigger than ours) who live next to us. They also home school, and our kids adore all their kids. So naturally, we have kids running in and out our door all day- jumping on the trampoline, launching into wild nerf gun wars, constructing with Legos, doing gigantic art projects, and eating snacks as if it their job... It is such an incredible blessing!

Update: I've now moved outside where I am watching Judah and Elle run in and out the back door to fill bowls with frozen berries to eat. They are also making pine cone soup in a big Home Depot bucket. It is 11:45 am and neither of them have gotten dressed. Come to think of it, neither have I. 
Ah, it's a good life.

5. Judah hasn't worn pants since May. Pretty sure.

6. Natalie is insanely adorable. We can hardly handle it. She is becoming quite the sassy little thing too. She says "No!" and "Yeah!" in particularly cute ways, and we are always laughing at her and imitating her sweet little voice. Nat loves water play, pizza, her blankies, being independent, her baby doll, and her adoring siblings.

Well, there are a million other things going on.. some that I need to blog about and some that may be blog-able in the future... But, for now, I have some people who need tending to.

As always, thanks so much for reading! I would love to know your updates from the past 12 months!

PS seven years ago (HOW?!?!?!)

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