July 16, 2017

lately: as in, the past nine months....

Let's start where we left off...

November: I reached the half-way pregnancy point, Elle turned four, I traveled to Pasadena for a wedding, and Lane and I went to Pheonix for a business training.


(the one above was our Christmas card. 

Then there was the December/January snow-pocalipse, which gave us a fabulous month-long Christmas break! It also made it almost impossible for Lane and I to get to San Antonio for our company's event, but we bought chains and made it to the airport!

...and then there was the spring. Which is all kind of a whirlwind. 
We remodeled and sold our house (in a day), bought our friend's house, sweet Natalie Joy was born, we moved, and then kindergarten finished up for James and preschool for Elle...

(James' school program. He had one line, nailed it, and picked his nose through the rest of it.) 

(James is reading! It is so fun!)

(photo credit to James)

It's been a little nuts.

Currently I am trying to get into the swing of summer, four kiddos, and the home business.

(Only documenting the following so that I can look back and remember this time and be thankful when it is over!) : I have been dealing with super severe nerve pain in my left leg for the past couple weeks. It has made standing, walking, carrying anything, and sleeping all very difficult. Lots of tears. So far I have gone to an acupuncturist, masseuse, chiropractor, physical therapist, and urgent care doctor. Nothing has made it better yet, but we continue to pray and hope that it will improve and summer can continue as normal.)

VBS starts tomorrow, and hopefully I will post all the summer pictures soon.
Or, ya know, in nine months...

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