November 02, 2016

fall happenings

Well, Halloween is over, so now is the time to blog about it! (And the time to listen to Christmas music, but only instrumental- I'm no cheater!)

I was so thankful to go on James' class field trip to the pumpkin patch and afterward he, Elle, and I carved pumpkins while Judah took a late nap. James even carved the eyes and nose all by himself!

We did have our pumpkins smashed this year, which was a bummer, but at least I scraped them off the road and threw them in our yard debris before they rotted in our front entrance!

This year I was so excited that the kids all wanted to do a Peter Pan theme: James would be Peter, Elle Tinkerbell, and Judah a lost boy. However, James decided that he had to be a ninja. Again. Only this year, he had to have nunchucks (numchucks?).

Elle made an adorable Tink, of course. And I don't know which was cuter, that Peter Pan costume on Judah or the way he said "I Petey Pan!"

We went trick-or-treating right after school in downtown Gresham (never doing that again, it was crazy crowded!), then a couple families came over for dinner and the seven adults and thirteen children age six and under all went around the 'hood trick-or-treating.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Up next: retail therapy + disciplining my kids

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