April 26, 2015

weekly goals : 1

One major goal I have is to blog more often, which may mean posting whatever is on my mind. Like this post, for example, in which I post my weekly goals...

Here is what I would like to get done (on top of the usual housework/ kid stuff)

1. Get in the Word everyday. I need to find a way, whether it is in the morning by myself or on my phone in the middle of the playroom. It must happen.

2. Post a post I have been working on for about a week now.

3. Organize our master bedroom closet. For goodness sake, I need to just get this done.

4. Workout and/or run at least two times this week. It feels so good, and I have been pretty consistent lately, but the bad weather and three little ones at home (and nursing around the clock) makes this tricky. But it is my only time to myself. Well, aside from the ten minute shower I get after the workout.

5. Enjoy cooking simple meals. I love to cook, but I tend to attempt elaborate dinners, and then I just get stressed out with a bunch of hungry little people needing me while I'm in the kitchen. Instead, I need to remind myself that this is just a phase of life, and I can always make quesadillas for dinner.

6. Take pictures of the goslings! ..and post them. We have a huge pond (technically a reservoir) behind our house with all sorts of wild life, and Mr and Mrs Goose just had their babies! There are six fuzzy little yellow goslings, and I need to go get their pictures because, as we all know, babies don't stay babies forever.
Here are pictures of the goslings last year.

7. I almost forgot this one! Make a May meal plan (preferably before May begins).

And just to reward you for reading (or skimming) this boring post:

Baby boys in overalls... gah!

Happy beginning of a new week!

PS one year ago, apparently, no one blogged 

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