April 14, 2015

the good, the bad, and the itchy

Well, folks, it's been awhile. Let me fill you in via pictures in no particular order (but some with captions) and a run-down of the last month and a half, but only the weekends, just to make it exciting.

This guy is sitting up like it ain't no thing. 

Weekend #6 (this past weekend)- Lane was gone all Saturday (James with him part of the day) at a board game day held at a friend's church. Sunday we watched our friends' boys for most of the day; so we had five children age four and under. Four of them boys.

Easter mantel. The "Risen" sign was water-colored by the kids. The bunny was painted by Lane's grandma thirty years ago.

Weekend #5- Easter weekend (He is risen. Indeed. Amen.) We drove down to Corvallis Friday afternoon and were there until late Sunday.

 The adorable carriage house that we stayed in while in Moscow.

 Lane and Judah admiring a waterfall that we visited on our drive home.

Weekend #4- Lane and I (and Judah) road-tripped to Moscow, Idaho for a marraige conferene. Random. But wonderful.

Weekend #3- Lane was gone all weekend after being gone for most of the week. Ugh.

Weekend #2- I was in urgent care. Diagnosis: shingles. On my scalp. What the what?

Weekend #1- Lane took Elle to urgent care. Diagnosis: pneumonia. Boo.

 Best picture I could get of all three in their Easter best.

So what I'm sayin' is, we've been busy with the good, the bad, the itchy, and everything in between.

Happy late Tuesday night friends!

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