February 04, 2015

heaven gains an angel

The gal I am writing about here does not read my blog, nor do I think she is known by anyone who does. This post is not meant to exploit her situation, but just for me to remember this experience and how deeply it touched me. 

Yesterday evening I took a meal to a mom who had just given birth.

I have done this so many times, and each time the mom comes to the door, beaming, holding the baby for me to see.

But last night was different. This mother had no baby in her arms.

She invited me into her home, and as I placed the box full of enchiladas and muffins onto the counter she smiled at me and asked "How are you?"

What a perspective change this question gave me. How am I? Coming from this sweet mother who has just lost her precious baby after a few short days of life.
And what could I say? Should I complain about the silly, insignificant trials in my day? The cranky kids, the lack of sleep, the messes everywhere...

She told me her story. She showed me pictures of her dear little one for the brief time she had been in this world. We cried.

Her words were full of sadness, but also full of the Peace that transcends all understanding, and the Hope that only a Savior can give.

She is a brave, amazing woman. So strong and beautiful. And the Source is so evident: a beautiful, strong, amazing God.

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