July 03, 2014

lake oswego adventure day

Lane has been gone for the past two weeks, with a quick visit home over the weekend. So I have been trying to keep the kids and I busy.

Last week we went to Lake Oswego for the day to explore and visit my mom.

We started out at at Waluga Park West. It has a huge grassy area, large play structure, and a sand box complete with digger toys and buckets.

Then we took the wooded trail over to Waluga Park East.

We played on the structures, swung on the swings, and even watched some road construction (very exciting stuff)...

Later, we met my mom for dinner at Zeppo.

The happy hour was incredible. We ordered practically everything on the menu. My favorite was the risotto cake with pesto. Eleanor preferred the tomato soup. She covered herself in it.

Afterward we meandered down toward the waterfront.

However, we got stuck at the fountains.

What happened next was inevitable...

...at least it washed off the soup.

Then we took the kids, soaking wet, to the Tillamook restaurant for some ice cream.

 Proof that I was there (and that my ice cream was stolen) :

The past two weeks have been so full, and I am SO exhausted. Thankfully, Lane comes home tonight!

Have a happy and safe Fourth everyone!

PS Can you spy how many photos baby doll appears in?


  1. I counted the baby doll in three. :-)

    Looks like a lovely afternoon! Eleanor is ADORABLE!

  2. Correct! ....about the number of baby doll photos, and Elle's adorable-ness ;-)