July 30, 2014

29 weeks (but really 30)

I will be 31 weeks on Saturday, but haven't taken a picture since 29 weeks. So, I am actually even larger now than in this photo:

My OB informed me that number three will make you feel much larger than the first two, which made me feel better. Then she said I am measuring small, which made me feel worse. Nine and a half weeks seem long enough to me!

I am so tired lately (and we have been so busy, which I blame on summertime) that I haven't been blogging, which I'm sure you know if you follow us at all. The problem is, I put the kids to bed (around 9:30, which is when I am writing this post) and I have so much to do around the house that I feel guilty blogging when I could be folding laundry or doing dishes. I think I need to just get over that.

We leave tomorrow for a four day camping trip with some of my cousins and family friends. I am really excited about the hiking, boating, swimming, and watching the kids roll around in the dirt, but, it won't be a relaxing vacation by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps one day I will post the photos....

Until then, happy summer!

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