June 13, 2014

homemade raspberry latte

I worked in coffee for quite a while, thus I saw many strange and- I'll say it- gross combinations of flavoring in drinks. You want a banana mint white mocha? Sure! Coming right up! ...Just please don't be alarmed if I puke while making it.

The fruit flavors always seemed the most odd to me, which is why I quite surprised myself the other day when I decided to make a raspberry latte. 

I simply placed a few (about six) raspberries in the bottom of a mason jar, along with a couple teaspoons of agave syrup. Then I pulled a couple shots over the berries using my handy dandy aeropress. I sort of muddled the coffee, berries, and agave all together with the back of a spoon and added one cup of hot soy milk. Then I closed it up and shook it well.

I actually was very pleased with the results. The raspberries were not overwhelming and the agave not too sweet, just subtle side notes to the coffee. I did have a little problem with some slight curdling (as shown below) but I simply put the lid back on and shook it all together again.

Next time I will for sure be adding some cocoa.

What is the craziest coffee flavoring you have tried?

Happy Friday!

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