June 10, 2014

23 weeks

I am currently twenty three weeks pregnant! The baby is, apparently, the size of a large mango.

I have felt him squiggling around so much lately, which is by far my favorite part of pregnancy. Even Lane was able to feel him kicking the other night.

Physically, I am tired and already starting to get uncomfortable, although it seems a bit early for that- I still have a lot of growing to do! I decided that I will be only wearing comfy skirts, dresses, and capris for the next seventeen weeks. I don't want to even attempt jeans and belly bands, which are way to much work to keep in place while chasing around two little kiddos. The belly is at the "fun to dress up" stage right now, but I know it is only a matter of weeks until I am rotating the same few maternity shirts through the line up each week.

I have been trying more and more to explain what is going on to Eleanor, but I don't think she gets it at all. It doesn't even make sense to me that there is a baby in my tummy and it will come out and be her baby brother. It truly is a miracle.

Thanks for reading and happy Tuesday!


  1. You look beautiful friend! So stylish:)

    1. Thank you sweet friend! ... Do you especially like the just-showered-un-brushed hair look? :-)