November 26, 2013

easiest ever homemade birthday banner

Sunday was my baby's first birthday party.

To celebrate we drank hot cider, ate chili and cake, and had twenty six family members over to our house.

It really doesn't matter how big your house is, twenty six people filling it up will make it feel real small real fast. Seating becomes an issue, paper plates and plastic utensils become the best option, and decorations, I believe, are best kept at a minimum. I decided the only birthday decor would be banners, put up on the wall and out of the way.

I hung a store-bought "happy birthday" banner outside the house, but I wanted something simple and homemade for inside. I needed something that was easy, quick to make, and inexpensive.

I went to the craft store with both kids, hastily picked out a couple pieces of scrap book paper with owls on them (they were colorful and sitting within quick reach at the end of an aisle), then collected ten sheets of plain paper with colors matching the owl pattern. I cut long triangles, put a letter on each one, and then hung them on twine with clothes pins, with the owl-patterned paper in between the words. I think it turned out awfully cheery.

In case you can't quite make out the lettering, the banners read: "Elijah is 5" and "Eleanor is 1".

This could be used for any quick shower, birthday, or holiday banner. How cute would one be hanging on the mantel for Christmas or New Years? There are so many scrapbook paper patterns out there, the possibilities are endless!

Happy crafting,

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