July 27, 2013

vowel letter art projects

For a while I was daily doing "school" with James. Around the time I got really sick he decided he would no longer participate in school. So we are on summer break. However, I want to share the vowel activities I came up with for him to do:

He used an apple slice as a stamp with paint for "A":

For "E" I used this template. I traced all the pieces and then had him fit them on and glue them. Then he colored his elephant. For "U" he colored the umbrella and glued on the pre-cut rain drops.

For "O" I drew a large oval and had James glue on googly eyes and then he cut and glue legs to make an octopus. For "I" he glued a pre-cut ice cream cone and scoops of ice cream. Then he glued real "fwinkles" all over the ice cream.

For "Y" he simply cut pieces of yarn and glued them on a piece of paper.

Who knows if he is really learning his letters from these activities, but he enjoys doing them and I love to display them in our house!

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