June 02, 2012

Updates: pregnancy, James, and the big move

Pregnancy: Still feeling very tired, despite the fact that I am three weeks into the second trimester. Growing and gaining, and craving things like pickles (how stereotypical) and cream cheese- and dragging James down with me.

James: So stinkin' cute it is unreal, making us laugh and smile all day every day. He went to the last prenatal appointment with Lane and I, and he was able to hear the baby's "heartbeep." He imitates the sound "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!" and then imitates the sound of James' big boy "heartbeep" that sounds like "bump, bump!" 
He is warming up to "new house." He loves that it has stairs to go up and down and a big porch to run back and forth on. 

The move: Oh lordy, we did it! We are moved into "new house" as James calls it. It is currently in a state of disarray: we are refinishing the kitchen cabinets, so boxes marked "kitchen" (most with little more description than just that) are stuffed into closets and what will be new baby's room; the garage is the work station, so we cannot store much in there; and our dining room table is covered with an unending supply of things we are trying to put away. Life is crazy, but we are so happy to be here. 

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