April 05, 2012

a (very) little Easter decorating

As I think it did for everyone, Easter has completely surprised me this year. The second weekend in April? Isn't that a bit early? Who does the calendar, who is to blame? Is the Catholics that decide?

At any rate, I have only myself to blame for letting it sneak up on me and doing pretty much no cute Easter decorating. I recall as a child having Easter decorations, but the ones that really stand out are the hundreds of plastic eggs my family used to hang from the trees around our yard. It sounds like a really odd idea now, but I looked forward to it every year.

This year I was able to dig up some Easter napkins and an adorable little chick candle I was given last year. We had friends over on Saturday who gave us a lovely tulip plant, and all together our little centerpieces make the table much more springy and inviting. (My grandma came over for lunch yesterday and informed me that I could plant the tulip when I was done using it as a centerpiece. "Oh no" I said, to the shock of my little grandmother who did not pass along her green thumb, "I'll kill it!" We'll see how that goes.)

Aside from the table decor, we received one Easter card from my mom which graces the mantel. And that's it. Am I totally behind the times? What do people do to decorate for Easter these days?

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  1. Look at you all festive!
    It has snuck up on me too, I think it was partially due to the fact that we've had snow in the last week..? Just doesn't seem like Spring yet. I have a bright colored wreath on the door and a friend brought me some daffodils.. That's Easter decorating right? :)
    I love reading your updates! & The picture of James on your header is so stinking cute! he is such a ham!