July 10, 2015

lately: water play, road trips, photo loss, and teeth gain

 Ah! So many things to catch up on! In no particular order (although I will fake it by attempting to put it into a neat outline), here is what has been happening lately:

1. The kids and I went to Corvallis for a couple days while Lane went backpacking with a group (large group, there were like eight of them) of guys from our church. Then we came home for forty eight hours and we all left for Bend for five days. Then we came home for forty eight hours and left for north-of-Seattle-area to accompany Lane on a business trip and visit some family and friends in the area. We arrived home yesterday evening and I am going NO WHERE in the car today, not even for groceries which we desperately need, especially because Lane and I are doing the whole 30 (ugh, more on that later).
(and when I say we are going no where, I really only mean until tomorrow, when we all have to get in the car to go to a birthday party. I'm just a little dramatic sometimes.)

 a. Corvallis was good, as usual.. stayed with Lane's parents, ran through the sprinklers, ate popsicles, visited family, had a play date with friends at "diggy park". Standard Corvallis trip.

  b. Bend was great as well- visited breweries (Lane and I even escaped by ourselves one evening and went to Crux Fermentation Project. deliciousness.), biked, and stayed at a beautiful and ridiculously nice home on the golf course that is owned by my mom and step-dad's friends. It was SO nice and such a blessing to stay there for free, but it will never happen again because I was sure my sweet children would completely destroy it. We also visited friends who own a fro-yo shop (convenient) and went to a lake to swim and paddle board with them. Also took the kids out to Mirror Pond (the body of water, not brewery) to kayak and play in the water. 
They all really love the water, even Judah who kicks his feet hard and laughs and plays in it.
All the adventuring in Bend was good, but overall, it was just really nice to spend time with my mom and step-dad.

 c. North-of-Seattle-area was the insane trip for so many reasons: I drove up by myself  (in traffic, of course) with the kids, and we were go-go-going the whole time we were there.
It was the first time the kids have ever stayed in a hotel, and they thought it was the best thing (although they didn't understand why they had to keep quiet and not bounce off the walls).
We swam in the pool each day, went out to eat, and hiked the trails near the hotel.
The first full day we were there, the kids and i met up with my friend Katie (remember her? she used to blog here?) at a beach in Edmonds to meet her new baby and play in the water and sand and collect three hundred shells that are now scattered all over our car in little pieces.
The next day (being yesterday, also the day we drove home), we met up with my cousin (who is getting married in October and i get to be in her wedding!!!) at a beach in Kirkland where we pretty much did the same things, although thankfully no more shells.
Then a co-worker of Lane's dropped him off- along with his rolly suitcase- at the beach and he was able to drive home with us, which was great.
We arrived home yesterday evening and the kids were all so pooped that they are still asleep right now, at 9:25 am, which is why I am able to frantically type all this.


(Kid awake. Will continue later...)


2. As soon as we arrived home from Bend, Lane and James went to buy some little fireworks (it happened to be the fourth) and Eleanor got a hold of my camera and promptly deleted ALL the pictures. From, like, the last three months. Which reminded me how important this little blog is. (Also important: regularly downloading photos onto the computer.)

3. Among the chaos which has been our lives for the last couple weeks, Judah has cut six (yes, six) more teeth. Whereby quadrupling his amount of teeth. (is that right? he had two, now eight... Math is not my strong suit.) He has had a slight fever the last couple days, and has been a bit more needy than normal, but overall is still a happy little guy.

 4. Lane and I decided to start the Whole 30 last Sunday. I will do a full post, hopefully tomorrow, on how it is going so far. It isn't terrible, but I feel like my brain needs bread and my taste buds need chocolate.

5. We have a lot to accomplish this weekend, but I am going to try to be at home as much as possible this next week. If you'll excuse me, I have to go start another load of laundry, eat a handful of almonds, and nurse my poor little teether...

Happy Friday, friends!

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