May 05, 2013

the perfect morning to spend at an outdoor cafe

In case it is not especially obvious what is going on here, let me explain: we brought James' road map rug out onto the back deck this morning and built a cafe (complete with espresso machine, cash register, and walk-up window) for the "barista dinos" (what he calls them all the time) to serve lattes (with whip cream and "fwinkles") to the lego animals. After enjoying their beverages the dinos entertained the animals with some live music (please note the T-rex with the "ga-tuag").

James also made the zoo-keepers' car into a "monsta truck" so he could drive the elephant and fish to the concert.

I hope you (on the West coast) are all able to take full advantage of the wonderful weather this weekend!

PS coming up: Why the ER is not my favorite place to spend a Friday night...

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  1. I can't believe how big James is looking! He looks like a little boy!