April 04, 2013

a boy and his ga-tuag

After a recent Salvation Army store trip, James came home with a bright orange guitar that is just his size.

He pronounces guitar "ga-tuag", which is adorable.

Lane ordered special strings online and re-strung it, which excited James to no end, of course. His sweet blue eyes light up each time Lane "plays" the guitar, even though he is only really strumming different cords. (Lane can actually play really well, although he would never admit this fact.)

James "plays" it also, and sometimes sings, too.
My favorite song is entitled "Oh, I love my Mommy". Those are also the only words to the song. My heart melts each time.

this time, a year ago: Easter! Just looking at these pictures makes me nauseous, I was so queasy with this one.

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