November 26, 2011

Spirits Sprite

Yesterday was the official beginning of my hands-down favorite time of the year: Christmas time. 

Call me a nerd, but I love everything about this time of year- the music, the lights, the smell of evergreen trees, the tastes of the season- everything. Christmas time makes me want to be a kid again. And it makes me act like a kid again. Knowing this, my sweet husband suggested that we buy our tree today.

Our original plan was to buy a small tree that we could put up on a table so that the shortest family member with the stickiest fingers couldn't get to it. However, we brought it home, set it up on the table, and realized that the tree skirt would create the perfect tool for him to grab hold of and pull the entire thing down onto his head. 
We moved it onto the floor and only used those ornaments that are not made of glass or china. James was still fascinated by all of it, so we tried to use our "gentle touches only, no pulling" rule (the same we use for James when it comes to our dog who is twice his weight, but terrified of him). However, it seems we are going to have to monitor him quite a bit around the tree. 
While we were decorating, James got into the boxes of Christmas paraphernalia and managed to cover the floor with tissue paper, cardboard, and anything else he could get his hands on.

Once he went to bed, it was time for clean up and a little mommy time. I decided to make an adult beverage. What I really wanted was eggnog and whipped cream, but I figured that if I added just a smidgen (that's a real word? spell check didn't put wiggly red lines under it, so I guess so) of alcohol it would taste even better, and I would feel a little more like a grown-up. 

When I was younger (okay, until like last year) I thought that the line in Jingle Bells that goes "Making spirits bright" actually said "Making spirits sprite." I thought that "spirits sprite" must be some seasonal adult drink that was delicious and had whip cream on the top.
My childhood fantasies are coming true.

Spirits Sprite
2 tsp Kahlua
2 tsp Whiskey (I used Gentleman's Jack)
1/3 to 1/2 c eggnog
whip cream 
freshly grated nutmeg

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  1. How funny! I LOVE Christmas! Your tree is so cute! & your adult liquid beverage looks yummy!! I wanted to get our tree today but (1)it's POURING (2)Adam's doing homework (3)My sister is coming to stay and should be here any minute (4)my craft sale items are everywhere.. too many reasons :) I did get our outside lights up though. I'm hoping this week sometime to get our tree, I can't wait until this weekend to get all my craft sale items out of the house! I'll hopefully remember to take pictures of our booth!!