July 30, 2011

Updates, play dates, and the shift

Well folks, I think it's time for a transition. I am relieved that the name of this blog is versatile (despite being really difficult to remember) because I have reached the point where I need to shift the blog from being one of a billion food blogs to being one of a billion mom blogs. 
You see, James is one-years-old now, and so he is eating "real people food." Thus I have been making and consuming many more PBJs and quesadillas than oh say, chicken, blue cheese, and rosemary ravioli with balsamic vinegar and pinenuts. There is a time for everything, but right now is just not the time for gourmet food. 
However, I know I need to "give the people what they want" as the saying goes, so here are pictures of James, and a few of the things have been doing lately:

Play date with friend Jude who is one week younger than James (but just as huge) and (sniff sniff) is moving to Houston soon:

Reading "Goodnight Oregon" together, the book we got Jude for his birthday before even knowing they were leaving Oregon:

Then we had a little farmers market fun:

We went to visit cousins Elijah and Nathan at their house where we played in the pool (James refused to go in any further than ankle-deep) and had a picnic lunch:

Then we went to the park near Grandpa James' house:

We also met Auntie Kelly at a park:

... oh, and did I mention he's walking? (Kind of.)
Needless to say, it has been a busy past couple of weeks. 

p.s. Looking over these pictures, I can see a theme developing in my clothing choices for James. Let me just state for the record: he does have other clothes, but overalls are nice and loose around the er,um... thick belly. Also, I am a fanatic about protecting his delicate pale skin from the harmful sun, so I force him to wear that hat a lot. He really doesn't like it.

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